Causes Of Abnormal Spring Breaking

Causes Of Abnormal Spring Breaking

Causes Of Abnormal Spring Breaking

Analysis Of Spring Spring Abnormal Breaking:

Spring Is One Of The Important Basic Parts In Mechanical Products. It Has Many Types. It Is Divided Into The Following Types: Spiral Spring, Plate (Sheet) Spring, Disc Spring, Annular Spring, Flat (Truncated Cone) Spiral Spring, Etc.; Characteristics Are Divided Into: Compression, Tension, Torsion Springs.

Springs Are Mainly Subjected To Stress: Bending Stress, Torsional Stress, Tensile And Compressive Stress, And Composite Stress. The Failure Modes Of Springs Are: Fracture, Deformation, Relaxation, And Wear. The Most Important Factor Is The Breakage And Deformation (Relaxation).

1. Brittle Fracture: Most Of The Spring Breaks Are Brittle Fractures. Only When The Operating Temperature Is High, Plastic Fracture May Occur. In Engineering, Fatigue Fracture, Stress Corrosion Cracking, And Hydrogen Brittle Fracture Are Called Brittle Fractures. 2. Fatigue Fracture: The Spring Breaks Under Cyclic Loading.

3. Stress Corrosion Cracking: Spring Rupture Caused By Tensile Stress And Corrosive Media.

4. Corrosion Fatigue Fracture: The Spring Breaks Under The Combined Action Of Cyclic Loading And Corrosive Media.

5. Hydrogen Embrittlement, Cadmium Brittleness, Black Brittleness: Brittle Fracture Caused By High Content Of Impurities In The Spring Material.

6. Wear: Wear Is Divided Into: Abrasive, Fatigue And Corrosion Wear Fracture.