Clothing hanger is a device in the shape of human shoulders. North of New Britain, Connecticut. The first clothing hanger is the wire hanger, which has a simple loop of wire in a flattened triangle shape that continues into a hook at the top. While now in the market, there are many different and complicated hangers. There are mainly wire hanger, plastic hanger, wooden hanger, satin hanger and velvet hanger. Different hangers are with different advantages and disadvantages. Let us check them out as following:
Wire hanger:
Wire hanger is durable and could last for a long time. It will not be out of shape when bears heavy clothes. And also metal gives people noble and fashion feel. Wire hangers are high cost, complicated processing, easy to rust and heavy to carry.
Plastic hanger:
The disadvantage plastic hanger are low cost, simple processing, light to carry and colorful colors, while the disadvantages of plastic hanger are easy to break when bearing heavy clothes, not good for environment during production and recycle and the abrasion will affect the gloss and appearance.